Who is Omar Meziane, the chef of England cricket team?

The news is famous in the cricket circles in Pakistan that the England cricket team visiting Pakistan is bringing along a chef named Omar Meziane who manages the food and drink of the players during the tour.

People are also interested in who is Omar Meziane and What is his connection with the world of sports?

First, it is important to know why England felt the need to bring a chef with them.

The answer to this question can ask in the press conference of captain Moin Ali in Lahore on the last visit of the England cricket team to Pakistan, in which he said that Karachi was good in terms of food, but he was disappointed with the quality of food in Lahore.

According to the source, a Few England players complained about the quality of food after returning from the tour of Pakistan, after which a chef has been added to the staff of the Test team coming to Pakistan. There were no reports of any player falling ill or suffering from an upset stomach during the tour of the Twenty20 series.

The hosting cricket board manages the catering of the teams on foreign tours, but in this regard, the choice of the teams as to what kind of food the players want.

Their preferences and needs care of in the hotels where the foreign teams stay. In the presence of Muslim cricketers in foreign tours, halal meat also gets important. Omar Meziane is famous chef in England football and cricket team.

Who is Chef Omar Meziane?

Omar Meziane is from Morocco. He has been involved in the cooking industry for the past two decades. He got this hobby from his father who owned a restaurant. Omar Meziane relationship with the world of sports in 2009. During this time, he has been associated with various teams in England, including cricket, rugby, football, and rowing.

The England football team has enjoyed the preparation by them in the 2018 World Cup and Euro 20 football.

Interestingly, despite this connection with the world of sports, Omar Meziane himself has not played any sport, although he has taken part in the London Marathon twice.

Omar Meziane has also co-authored a book on cooking with famous rugby player James Hokzel.

Ever been a chef with a team?

This is not the first time that a chef has gone with a cricket team on a foreign tour. The chef was also present with the Australian team that visited Pakistan in the same year. The Australian cricketers had also brought a coffee machine and coffee beans with them.

In the year 2013, when the England cricket team went to Australia to play the Ashes series. The same England chef Omar Meziane managed the food and drink matters.

Personal chefs of famous athletes:

No one needs to be surprised that the world’s famous athletes have a personal chef with them. Giving significant importance to their food and drink matters, and a large number of them have been footballers.

Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Kevin De Bruyne have been prominent in hiring private chefs.

Wale’s Gareth Bale says his personal chef helped him settle in when he first moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid.

When Paul Pogba first went to Manchester United, he took an Italian female chef with him who also taught Pogba how to cook.

The most famous chef in the world of football is Johnny Marsh. Manchester City players have been fans of the food they prepare.

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