ICC World Test Championship Brief Analysis

Today we Analysis the ICC World test championship 2023. The second edition of the ICC World Cricket Test Championship 2021-23 is from 4th August 2021 to 31st March 2023. During this time, three rounds of the championship have been completed and the fourth round started in summer in countries where the weather is favorable for playing cricket. This time 8 teams of the championship appeared in the cut-off field except for India. During this period, Sri Lanka played 3 Test series against Bangladesh and England played two-Test series.

The other 5 countries have one each. A total of 14 Test matches were played in 6 series. 13 were decided and only one Test match was tied. England was the only country in which both series consisted of 3 Tests while all other series were 2 and 2 Tests.

 ICC World Test Championship Brief Analysis:

Out of the 6 series of the summer 2022 season, 2 series England vs New Zealand and West Indies vs Bangladesh were completely one-sided.

England and West Indies took full advantage of their home ground and whitewashed the series. Instead, England won the series by defeating South Africa 2-1 in 3 Test matches series. But South Africa’s win in the first Test match made the series interesting. In one of the remaining 3 series of the season, Sri Lanka won the 2-test series at home to Bangladesh by winning one test match.

The two-Test series was played by Australia and Pakistan at Sri Lanka’s home ground. Sri Lanka could not show any special performance on the home ground except winning one test match and leveling the series with Australia and Pakistan. In this period too, the performance of the teams was seen in the same color which was seen continuously in this championship that the bowlers were overshadowed, and the batters were mostly under pressure.

On the contrary, if you consider, the batsmen are now overshadowed in T20, and the bowlers are under pressure there. It means that something has become more upside down in world cricket. Second, it can be inferred from here that except for one test match, all the test matches are decided. Were there ODIs or T20Is?

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka:

This series of 2 test matches were played from 15th May to 27th May 2022, hosted by Bangladesh. The first test match was equal. While the second test was interesting, and the players of both teams also showed performance. But the winning day was for Sri Lanka, so Bangladesh was at their home ground but after losing the Test, he also lost the series. Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka won the Player of the Series for scoring centuries in both Test matches.

England vs New Zealand:

The series was played from June 2 to June 27. England swept the series by winning all three Tests against New Zealand at their home ground. England became the first team to chase a target of more than 250 runs in three consecutive Test matches.

New Zealand batsman Daryl Mitchell scored 3 Test centuries in all three Tests. In this series, the teams of England and New Zealand have moved up and down in the championship list, but whether the defending champions New Zealand and England have been able to strengthen their position in the championship will be waiting in the coming days. Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum was appointed coach and all-rounder Ben Stokes as captain after he resigned from the captaincy.

West Indies vs Bangladesh:

On May 22, Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh in one of the 2-Test series at their home ground to win the series. So, 16 June to 28 June 2022 was Bangladesh’s 2-Test foreign series, and that too in the West Indies. The host country also had no trouble whitewashing them. After losing the first test by 7 wickets, it was expected that Bangladesh would try to level the test series, but the West Indies won the second test as well. made it clear that it was a one-sided series.

Sri Lanka vs Australia:

From 29th June to 12th July 2022 this series of 2 Test matches was held in Sri Lanka. In the very bad economic and political conditions and turmoil of Sri Lanka, the completion of this tour of Australia was no less than a miracle. In these conditions, the result of both test matches was the same.

The difference is that in the first test, Sri Lanka lost on their home ground and in the second test, Australia lost their confidence and lost the test. The series was 1. 1 but Sri Lanka’s position improved in the championship table.

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan:

Pakistan played this series of 2 test matches in Sri Lanka from July 16 to July 28, 2022. It was necessary for the Pakistan test team to win this series to get a better position in the championship.

In the first test, it jumped from the fourth position to the third position, but after the defeat in the second test, the snake dropped down two places due to the dinging of the ladder game. Pakistan had a strong chance of reaching the second position if they win, but that has gone. This is a big blow. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has really succeeded in their aim and defeated Pakistan in the second Test after the Australia series equalized.


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England vs South Africa:

In the first test, South Africa won the toss and fielded and won the match. In the second test, they won the toss and batted, losing the test. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain died at the age of 96 on the day of the third Test. His reign was 71 years. The first two days of the third test were not played due to rain and the death of the queen.

The three Tests were not different from each other. The team batting first faced defeat, fast bowlers ruled, and all three matches ended in less than three days. Changes were also made in the teams during the series which did not bring any significant results. England took advantage of their home ground and England won the third test and won the series 2-1.

So this is the briefly Analysis of world test championship 2023. So “Let’s play ahead, see and meet”.

New faces in World Test Championship:

A few more new faces started their Test career in this 6-series. Matthew Potts and Matt Parkinson for England in the first Test and Michael Bracewell for New Zealand in the second Test. While Jamie Overton made his Test debut for England in the third Test. West Indies gave Godakesh Moti the first Test cap and Andresen Philipp in the second Test against Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka introduced Geoffrey Wendersay in the first test of the series against Australia and Kamindu Mendes, Mahesh Thiekshana, and Parbat Jayasuriya in the second test. Sri Lanka’s debutant bowler Parbat Jayasuriya took 12 wickets in the test. 28-year-old all-rounder Agha Salman was given a Test cap in the first Test by Pakistan in the Sri Lanka-Pakistan Test series.

In the second test, Sri Lanka gave the 19-year-old left-arm spinner Dinot Velange a test debut. In the third test against South Africa, England gave the test cap to the batsman Harry Brook due to the injury of Jonny Bairstow.

World Test Championship Points Table:


There were some significant changes in the championship table even by the end of the 2022 season. But Australia and South Africa were ranked first and second respectively during this period as well.

India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, who were ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively in the spring, this time Sri Lanka jumped to the third position, and India and Pakistan came to the fourth and fifth positions. In the spring, New Zealand was sixth, the West Indies seventh, Bangladesh eighth, and England last. At the end of the period, West Indies moved up one place to sixth and England moved up two places from last to seventh.

Defending champions New Zealand have dropped two places to eighth place and Bangladesh to last place. So far, a total of 48 Test matches have been played in 19 series. Out of which 40 were decided and 8 ended without a result. Now the winter season of 2022-23 is still left and all 9 teams have the last chance to perform. when this season complete we describe full analysis of world test championship. So “Let’s play ahead, see and meet”.

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