Who is Abrar Ahmed Mystery Spinner of Pakistani Cricketer?

Today we discussed Abrar Ahmed known as the Mystery Spinner of Pakistani cricketer.

Before the start of the second Test, the Pakistani team was confused about which spinner to include in the team. So Abrar Ahmed, who had performed brilliantly in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, made his debut.

In his first Test match, Abrar Ahmed showed the magic of his fingers and dismissed 7 players in the first innings.

Abrar Ahmed became the fourth player in the world and the first Pakistani player to dismiss 5 players in the first session of a Test match.

Before the start of the Test series against England, when Abrar Ahmed was asked a question about his debut. He expressed his desire in a very confident manner to take five to six wickets in the first Test.

Abrar Ahmed also expressed his desire to dismiss Joe Root and Ben Stokes in his debut match.

Pakistan’s bowlers were under pressure in the first Test match. England’s batsmen gave a new style to the Test match by showing an aggressive game. England played the same aggressive game in the second Test match too, but the English batsmen were in trouble due to the magic of spinner Abrar Ahmed’s fingers.

Abrar Ahmed is known as a ‘mystery’ spinner meaning the batsmen are always in for a surprise as to what kind of delivery he will deliver. He surprised not only the English batsmen but also many cricket fans.

Apart from being a traditional leg-spinner, Abrar Ahmed has a variety of spinners, including leg breaks and googlies, and he also has the skills to bowl carrom bowl.


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Who is Abrar Ahmed Pakistani Cricketer:

Twenty-four-year-old Abrar Ahmad belongs to Shankyari, a small town in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but his parents have settled in Karachi. Abrar was also born in Karachi, where his father is involved in the transport business.

Abrar Ahmed was also born in Karachi. He started playing cricket in the street of Jehangir Road in his area. Abrar Ahmed says that his brothers were interested in cricket. He used to play cricket in Nishtar Park and other grounds. And he used to watch them playing cricket.

Abrar Ahmed says that my cousin had a big hand in my success, and he convinced my father to allow Abrar to play cricket. When my name came to the district team, I asked my cousin Shafiq to talk to my father. At his request, my father allowed me to play cricket.

Struggle Behind Success Life:

In the first Test match for Pakistan, Abrar Ahmed left his mark of success. but he also looks at the performance behind the choice in his team.

Abrar Ahmed is the bowler who has taken the most wickets in the current season of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

In the recent season of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, he has taken wickets in 12 innings standing for Sindh, in which he has also taken five wickets in an innings five times.

Before joining the Pakistan Test team, Abrar Ahmed was a T20 specialist, so he was a chance in the 2020 edition of the Pakistan Super League.

Abrar Ahmed represented Karachi Kings in PSL, but he could only play two matches due to injury.

Abrar Ahmed started club cricket at Rashid Latif Cricket Academy in Karachi. Most of the players in club cricket played by paying a monthly fee. But in the beginning, the coaches realized Abrar Ahmed’s abilities and fixed his monthly stipend.

I had Debut for Karachi Kings in the 2017 Pakistan Super League but could not take any wickets due to which I dropped from the team.
But Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur and Kumar Sangakkara were quite impressed. When I had a good spell in the match against Peshawar Zalmi.

Abrar Ahmed says that when they got injured, those two years were very difficult for him. I told myself that I just had to get fit, and the fingers would do the rest.

Abrar Ahmad Appraise across the world:

Many cricketers Appraise this magic spell of Abrar on Twitter.

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