Wasim Akram Allegations against Salim Malik

Wasim Akram, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team,  Allegations against Salim Malik. He said that there has always been a political and recommendation system in the Pakistan Cricket Board, and it is still going on. According to private TV, former captain Wasim Akram has made shocking revelations in his book. Wasim Akram said that Salim Malik took me as his servant, that he cleaned shoes and clothes on the first trip, and that he was unreliable.

Salim Malik responded to Wasim Akram allegations:

Wasim Akram played his first match under my captaincy, if I was negative, I would not have bowled him.

There were machines for washing clothes on the tour, maybe Wasim Akram wrote something like this for fame, if I have a connection with Wasim, it will be clear.

Salim Malik has said in his reaction to the allegations of former captain Wasim Akram I am laughing at this, I called Wasim Akram, and I wanted to ask why he wrote this, Wasim has not contacted me till now. I have not read the book yet, so I will not tell you about the book.

According to a media report, Saleem Malik said that I have not spoken to Wasim for a year, Wasim Akram was my neighbor, used to meet him, when we went on tour, there were washing machines, and we did not wash clothes by hand. Maybe it was written like this to promote the book. He said that no one wants to talk about such things until they talk to Wasim. Wasim was five years junior, he played his first match under my captaincy. If I was negative, I would not have bowled to him. I wrote or serious, if serious, I will answer in the same way.



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Wasim said About PCB:

The political and recommendation system has always been running in the Pakistan Cricket Board, even now Babar Azam, Imamul Haq, and Usman Qadir are relatives of former players. Wasim Akram further wrote in his book that Javed Miandad always encouraged him to bat, and he even gave him batting pads on the first tour.

Wasim Akram wrote in his book that Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja used to take fewer catches in the slips and more to drop them, Ramiz Raja’s father was a commissioner, so he stands on the slips despite the failure of holding.

It should be noted that Wasim Akram has written in his book that Salim Malik was a negative and selfish person, he made me clean my shoes and clothes.

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