Biggest Margin Win in ODI

One of the most thrilling aspects of One Day International (ODI) cricket is witnessing teams achieve monumental victories with colossal win margins. These victories not only showcase exceptional performances by the winning side but also highlight the vast chasm between the two teams. In this article, we explore some of the biggest margin wins in ODI cricket, where teams not only chased down massive targets but did so with staggering margins.

1. India’s Dominance at Thiruvananthapuram:

In a historic ODI clash against Sri Lanka at Thiruvananthapuram, India set an imposing target of 391 runs. India’s batsmen showcased their prowess, propelling the team to a colossal victory with a staggering win margin of 317 runs.

2. Australia’s Commanding Performance in Delhi:

Facing the Netherlands in Delhi, Australia set an astronomical target of 400 runs. Their relentless pursuit and exceptional performance culminated in a remarkable win margin of 309 runs, showcasing Australia’s dominance in ODI cricket.

3. Zimbabwe’s Record-breaking Day in Harare:

Zimbabwe made ODI history when they set an extraordinary target of 409 runs against the USA in Harare. Their bowlers delivered a stellar performance, restricting the opposition and securing an emphatic win with a monumental margin of 304 runs.

4. India’s Stellar Display at Wankhede:

In a memorable encounter at Wankhede against Sri Lanka, India set a challenging target of 358 runs. India’s all-around brilliance, both with the bat and ball, resulted in a commanding win with a margin of 302 runs.

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5. New Zealand’s Crushing Victory in Aberdeen:

New Zealand faced Ireland in Aberdeen, setting an imposing target of 403 runs. The Kiwi bowlers wreaked havoc, limiting Ireland’s response and securing a resounding win with an impressive margin of 290 runs.

6. Australia’s Dominance in Perth:

In a high-scoring match against Afghanistan in Perth, Australia set an enormous target of 418 runs. Australia’s bowlers then delivered a clinical performance, leading to a commanding win with a substantial margin of 275 runs.

7. South Africa’s Dominant Display in Benoni:

South Africa faced Zimbabwe in Benoni, setting a challenging target of 402 runs. The Proteas showcased their supremacy, securing a convincing win with a notable margin of 272 runs.

8. South Africa’s Stellar Performance in Paarl:

Against Sri Lanka in Paarl, South Africa set a target of 302 runs. The Proteas displayed a comprehensive performance, both with the bat and ball, clinching victory with an impressive margin of 258 runs.

9. India’s Commanding Win in Port of Spain:

India faced Bermuda in Port of Spain, setting an imposing target of 414 runs. India’s dominant performance secured a resounding win with a substantial margin of 257 runs.

10. South Africa’s Triumph in Sydney:

Facing West Indies in Sydney, South Africa set a formidable target of 409 runs. The Proteas showcased their cricketing prowess, securing victory with a significant margin of 257 runs.


These memorable encounters stand as a testament to the thrilling nature of ODI cricket, where teams exhibit extraordinary skills and determination to achieve monumental victories. The cricketing world eagerly awaits future matches that might produce even more astonishing win margins, creating moments that will be etched in the history of the sport.

Biggest Margin win in ODI:

WinnerMarginTargetOppositionGroundMatch Date
India317 runs391v Sri LankaThiruvananthapuram15 Jan 2023
Australia309 runs400v NetherlandsDelhi25 Oct 2023
Zimbabwe304 runs409v U.S.A.Harare26 Jun 2023
India302 runs358v Sri LankaWankhede2 Nov 2023
New Zealand290 runs403v IrelandAberdeen1 Jul 2008
Australia275 runs418v AfghanistanPerth4 Mar 2015
South Africa272 runs400v ZimbabweBenoni22 Oct 2010
South Africa258 runs302v Sri LankaPaarl11 Jan 2012
India257 runs414v BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
South Africa257 runs409v West IndiesSydney27 Feb 2015
Australia256 runs302v NamibiaPotchefstroom27 Feb 2003
India256 runs375v Hong KongKarachi25 Jun 2008
Pakistan255 runs338v IrelandDublin (Malahide)18 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka245 runs300v IndiaSharjah29 Oct 2000
Pakistan244 runs400v ZimbabweBulawayo20 Jul 2018
Sri Lanka243 runs322v BermudaPort of Spain15 Mar 2007
India243 runs327v South AfricaEden Gardens5 Nov 2023
England242 runs482v AustraliaNottingham19 Jun 2018
Pakistan238 runs343v NepalMultan30 Aug 2023
Sri Lanka234 runs310v PakistanLahore24 Jan 2009
Pakistan233 runs321v BangladeshDhaka2 Jun 2000


1. Which cricket team holds the record for the biggest win margin in an ODI match?

The Indian cricket team achieved the biggest win margin in an ODI match, securing a staggering victory by 317 runs against Sri Lanka at Thiruvananthapuram.

2. What is the highest target successfully chased with the largest win margin in ODI cricket?

Australia holds the record for the highest target successfully chased with the largest win margin in ODI cricket. They chased down a target of 418 runs against Afghanistan in Perth, winning the match by a massive margin of 275 runs.

3. Which ground has witnessed some of the most significant win margins in ODI cricket?

The Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, India, has witnessed remarkable performances, including one where the Indian cricket team chased down a target of 358 runs against Sri Lanka with a substantial win margin of 302 runs. This ground has seen some memorable moments in ODI cricket.

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