Top 10 longest six in International cricket History

Cricket, often dubbed as the gentleman’s game, has witnessed moments of power and skill that are unmatched in other sports. The ability of some players to smash massive sixes that send the ball soaring into the stands is one such amazing feature. These moments, which honor the unadulterated strength and accuracy of some of the sport’s greatest hitters, will live on in the annals of cricket history. In this article, we delve into the top 10 longest sixes in international cricket, displaying the enormous strokes that left both spectators and opponents in complete shock.

Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History:

1. Shahid Afridi || 153 meters vs. South Africa

The man renowned for his daring stroke play and explosive batting, “Boom Boom” Shahid Afridi, is ranked highest on our list. Afridi made cricketing history during a match against South Africa when he hit a spectacular six that traveled an incredible 153 meters. This incredible achievement not only solidified Afridi’s place in cricket history but also established an almost unbreakable standard for power-hitting.

2. Brett Lee || 130 meters vs. West Indies:

Usually, it’s the fast bowlers that deliver the thundering deliveries, but in an unexpected move, Australian pace sensation Brett Lee showed that he could swing the willow with unrivaled intensity. Facing West Indies, Lee dispatched a delivery with such force that it sailed an astonishing 130 meters, leaving spectators in disbelief and establishing him as a dual-threat force on the field.

3. Martin Guptill || 127 meters vs. South Africa:

New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, known for his aggressive batting style, secured a spot in cricketing history with a towering six against South Africa. Covering an incredible distance of 127 meters, Guptill’s towering hit showcased not only his raw power but also his precision in striking the ball with devastating effect.

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4. Liam Livingstone || 122 meters vs. Pakistan:

Liam Livingstone made his international debut against Pakistan with a thundering six that traveled an amazing 122 meters. With this massive hit, Livingstone established himself as a rising star in the big-hitting world by demonstrating his effortless ability to break through barriers.

5. Corey Anderson || 122 meters vs. India:

In a clash against India, Corey Anderson exhibited his explosive batting style with a monstrous six covering a distance of 122 meters. Anderson’s ability to dispatch the ball with such force made him a feared opponent and a fan favorite for his thrilling displays at the crease.

6. Mark Waugh || 120 meters vs. New Zealand:

Mark Waugh, the stylish Australian batsman, left an indelible mark with a colossal six against New Zealand that traveled a significant distance of 120 meters. Waugh’s elegance combined with power made this shot a memorable moment in the history of international cricket.

7. Yuvraj Singh || 119 meters vs. Australia:

Yuvraj Singh, a swashbuckling Indian batsman, enthralled fans with a mighty six against Australia that covered a distance of 119 meters. Yuvraj’s aggressive batting style and ability to clear the boundaries made him a key player in high-pressure situations.

8. Mahendra Singh Dhoni || 118 meters vs. New Zealand:

Known for his calm demeanor and finishing abilities, Mahendra Singh Dhoni surprised everyone with a colossal six against New Zealand, covering a distance of 118 meters. This unexpected display of power added a new dimension to Dhoni’s already illustrious career.

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9. Chris Gayle || 116 meters vs. India:

No compilation of monumental sixes is complete without the inclusion of the “Universe Boss,” Chris Gayle. The West Indian powerhouse smashed a colossal six against India, covering a distance of 116 meters. Gayle’s ability to send the ball into orbit has made him a legend in the world of cricket.

10. Ijaz Ahmed || 115 meters vs. India:

Ijaz Ahmed, a Pakistani cricketer, rounds off our list with a massive six against India that traveled an impressive 115 meters. This powerful stroke showcased Ijaz’s ability to clear the boundaries, leaving an everlasting impression on cricket enthusiasts.

PositionPlayer NameOpponentSix DistanceBowler Name
1Shahid Afridi (Pak)South Africa153 metersRyan McLaren
2Brett Lee (Aus)West Indies130 metersDarren Powell
3Martin Guptill (NZ)South Africa127 metersLonwabo Tsotsobe
4Liam Livingstone (Eng)Pakistan122 metersHaris Rauf
5Corey Anderson (NZ)India122 metersMohammed Shami
6Mark Waugh (Aus)New Zealand120 metersDaniel Vettori
7Yuvraj Singh (India)Australia119 metersBrett Lee
8MS Dhoni (India)New Zealand118 metersjab
9Chris Gayle (WI)India116 metersYusuf Pathan
10Ijaz Ahmed (Pak)India115 metersVirender Sehwag


In conclusion, these top 10 longest sixes in international cricket history represent not just statistical achievements but moments of sheer brilliance, power, and entertainment. Each of these cricketers, through their colossal hits, has left an indelible mark on the game, contributing to the rich tapestry of cricketing history. As fans, we celebrate these moments, eagerly anticipating the next cricketing titan who will etch their name into the record books with a colossal hit that defies the laws of physics and captivates the cricketing world.

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